Esusu Plus Life Cover Plan

Esusu Plus Life Cover Plan

*Esusu Plus life Cover  also called Beta Life Insurance is a target personal savings plan with protection cover for own life.


*A minimum monthly savings of N1000.

*The life cover of  2.5% on the target savings for the period of cover.

*The duration of the cover is between 6months to 12 months

*The death benefit is the full amount to be saved at the end of the period which is the contribution saved plus the outstanding on the total targeted amount.

* The maximum life covers (Death Benefit) available on the savings plan being sum assured payable  upon death per contract will be limited to NGN2.0m.

* The interest credited is benched marked with the prevailing bank rate.

* The policy can be surrendered before maturity at any time; however, the interest and death benefit shall be forfeited. 

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