The CreditStar Story

People in developing countries like Nigeria who are exposed to particularly high risks of damage and loss due to fire, illness, death, accidents or natural disasters often have no access to insurance coverage – despite the fact that they urgently need it. CreditStar Microinsurance aim to remedy this situation.

Our Goal is to provide inclusive insurance as an instrument of social development to low-income households using effective channels.

With an effective Partnership, Dynamic Personnel and Modern Technology Tools, we plan to create affordable and accessible microinsurance products for low-income households.

As one of the Pioneers’ Microinsurance Company in Nigeria, we are uniquely positioned to provide inclusive social protection systems to cover the entire population.

We have also developed several unique policies designed to provide solutions to the common man/woman. Our intended ready-made insurance products are sure to improve lives and property for the underserved in the insurance space.

We propose to sell both Life and Non-life Insurance Products.

CreditStar Products are created specifically for

Low-Income Households,

Low-Valued Policies,

Micro and Small-Scale Businesses



Best Practice,




 Terms and Delivery Methodology.